Welkom op de homepage van de Global Mind Monitor, de non-commerciële tool die studenten en professionals helpt om slagvaardiger te worden in internationale en interculturele situaties.

Neem een kijkje op deze pagina om een indruk te krijgen van de mogelijkheden van de Global Mind Monitor, te weten wie wij zijn, een demoversie aan te vragen, of gewoon eens te kijken naar ervaringen van gebruikers.

Onze gebruikers aan het woord

Filmpjes over ervaringen van gebruikers van de Global Mind Monitor.

  • "The Global Mind Monitor […] basically gives you an insight where you are when it comes to deal with people that represent entirely different values compared to your own. [The comparison of pre- and post-internship results] can be very revealing; sometimes it shows significant improvements, sometimes it shows that you have actually deteriorated in the way that you’re actually dealing with other cultures. And that has something to do with the fact that you might have thought that you were much better in dealing with foreign influences than you were actually experiencing during your internship. Whether the results improve or decrease, either way it is a tremendous learning experience."

    Quote by Mr. E. Pinczowski, senior lecturer Hotel Management School Maastricht, on the Global Mind Monitor.
  • "I used the Global Mind Monitor to assess my development of intercultural competences. One of the surprising scores was that my ‘open mindedness’ dropped over the span of half a year. [I later realized] that not my ‘open mindedness’ dropped, but [that] my own knowledge of how open-minded I am, actually had increased. I just made a better assessment of myself. That’s what the Global Mind Monitor is about; it’s a tool to reflect on your own competences. In this way it can help you increase all sorts of different intercultural competences."

    Quote by Jeroen Bos, student Hotel Management School Maastricht, on the Global Mind Monitor.
  • "Just take those moments and enjoy them with people you are getting to know and the people you can learn so much from because they are so different. It’s just one happy moment and a happy feeling if you can share […] cultural differences with each other."

    Quote by Tessa Krijnen, student Hotel Management School Maastricht, on intercultural communication.